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How to Strip Down a Military MRE to Reduce the Bulk

Outdoorsman or prepper, this is a valuable lesson on how to strip down a military MRE for that next outdoor adventure or survival situation.

Let Black Scout Survival take a minute to show how to strip down a military MRE to drastically reduce its weight and bulk. It can make a world of difference when everything you take into the wilderness has to be on your back.

MREs are awesome: a fully contained meal with a heater that you can quickly cook up. It even has condiments for coffee and other beverages. That being said, they can weigh quite a bit. No big deal if you have them strapped to the side of a tank or other armored vehicle. But if you are a light infantry grunt, paratrooper or special operations warrior, much of your work is done by walking in.

This is where America's pointy-end fighters have learned to strip down these meals to reduce as much weight and bulk as possible. They not only have to carry rations, but extra ammunition, body armour, grenades, explosives, an extra ammo belt for the squad machinegun and a long list of other gear. This is where every ounce you can save on counts.

Backcountry hunters, anglers and survivalists face many of the same challenges and look for any opportunity to reduce the weight they have to carry in, so this lesson in stripping down food is still appropriate. Keep this quick lesson in mind and apply it for your next wilderness challenge.


How to Strip Down a Military MRE to Reduce the Bulk