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Red Lightning – Fly Fishing Montana’s Backcountry

Fly Fishing Montana’s backcountry in the Bob Marshall Wilderness is some of the best wild trout country in the West.

Join MontanaWildOutdoors as these guys experience fly fishing Montana’s backcountry in the famous Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex.

It definitely proves how getting off the beaten track can put you on some spectacular cutthroat trout fishing in gin clear streams and rivers.

You can see why these guys make this annual trek to get into some remote rivers and streams. This is the epitome of western fly fishing that has proven so popular in literature and even movies. When one thinks of classic North American dry fly fishing, you automatically picture a freestone stream or river in the West.

There is no better location than the Bob Marshall, one of those areas that preserves what the West was, and can still be, as long as anglers and hunters support conservation.

For more information on the Bob Marshall Wilderness and it’s plentiful opportunities see this link.


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Red Lightning – Fly Fishing Montana’s Backcountry