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If Things Go South… Here’s the Ultimate Bug Out Bag

ultimate bug out bag

This is listed as the “ultimate bug out bag,” and it is full of useful items to ensure survival in a crisis situation.

BlackScoutSurvival goes over some must-have items for the ultimate bug out bag to keep you going during almost any emergency.

Some great pointers from a guy who is obviously ready for the worst. But take note, a bug out bag is not something to sustain you for months on end: it is there to get you from point A to point B, and point B can hopefully keep you going for the long haul.

You don’t have to be a hardcore prepper to have a bag, ready to go, for an emergency.

Be ready to sustain and protect your family for at least two weeks in case of events such as hurricanes and floods by considering the five most important categories: shelter, food, clean water, medical and self-defense. A good bug out bag will allow you to get through the crisis and to that location where you can either wait out an event or make a long-term plan for the future.

Have a contingency plan in place for your family. Chances are, you may never have to act on it. However, if things go haywire, you will be glad you did.


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If Things Go South… Here’s the Ultimate Bug Out Bag