noodle for snapping turtles

How to Noodle For Snapping Turtles

How do you noodle for snapping turtles?

Well, very carefully if you want to keep your fingers.

Watch this video and see how you can start noodling for snapping turtles.

I came across this video Aquachigger shared on YouTube and it brought back many memories. As a child, my great grandfather told me tales of catching snapping turtles in Pennsylvania with very similar methods.

"Snapping turtles won't bite underwater," my grandfather told me in on of his stories. "Feel along under the shore for a shell and then find the tail. You then toss it way up on shore."

While I don't disagree with how his noodling produced, I did always question why snapping turtles won't bite underwater. They do indeed feed underwater on a variety of creatures.

This noodler advises against grabbing the turtle by the tail.

Watch your fingers if you ever try noodling for snapping turtles. What they bite onto generally becomes theirs.

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