allows a snapping turtle to bite him

Ouch! This Guy Intentionally Allows a Snapping Turtle to Bite Him

Did that guy just let a snapping turtle bite him?

He sure did! Yeah, safe to say this video is certainly not for the squeamish.

Check out this guy who intentionally allows a snapping turtle to bite him, and try to learn his reasons why.

Coyote Peterson of the Youtube channel Brave Wilderness did something no one should do: Let a snapping turtle bite them.

Snapping turtles have a bite technique that is more like vice grip pliers. When they bite, they generally don't let go.

What did we learn though watching this video? Well, a little rubbing alcohol poured down his hand caused the snapping turtle to let go. If you trap or fish near turtles, you might want to keep a bottle close by. It might just save you a lot of pain and grief if a turtle is one day quicker than you are.