Raising Baby Chicks: Don't Wing it! Here's 5 Items Your Baby Chicks Need

Baby chicks require lots of care. From heat and feed, you have to make sure your new baby chicks receive everything they need to stay healthy in their first weeks of life. Raising baby chicks can be fun.

New chicks are beyond adorable, but it does take responsibility and the right products to help your young chicks thrive.

How long do baby chicks need heat?

Baby chicks need a heat source for four to six weeks for proper chick care. Follow our temperature guide for a weekly temperature setting for your new chicks.

How to make a brooder box:

Many people get creative with the items they already have. Cardboard boxes are popular for DIY baby chick brooders. Check this one out for inspiration. There are directions in the description box.

Where can I get baby chicks?

You can get young chicks from a hatchery, and possibly your local feed store when they're as young as a day old. If you order some online, your post office might let you pick up your baby chicks.

How to care for baby chicks

1. Brooder

Think of a brooder as a nest for baby chicks. They need a safe, warm place to thrive at till they are able to move into a chicken coop. Baby chicks usually use a brooder for a month. The chick brooder needs to be as warm as Texas on a Summer morning, which is 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This brooder from Titan Incubators has an anti-microbial technology for a clean environment. Up to 25 chicks can warm up with this brooder.

One customer mentioned replacing a heat lamp with a brooder allows their chicks to have a schedule since there isn't a constant red bulb light source. There's 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and the review photos are beyond adorable!

If you decide to make a brooder box, you will need to use a heat lamp as a heat source. Make sure you have a red heat bulb for your set up.

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2. Chick starter feed

Baby chicks can't immediately start with regular chicken feed. They need starter crumbles. After a couple of weeks, they can switch to chick grit, but crumbles will be much easier for them to swallow and digest. Starter crumbles have all the nutritional values baby chickens need.

Once baby chicks are a few months old, they can switch to grower feed.

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3. Waterer


Yes, the wall bracket is included! That is extremely helpful in keeping your baby chick's warm water clean compared to a water dish. Be sure to always keep a supply of fresh water. Chicks will have no trouble using this waterer. Amazon reviews are fantastic and the pictures are adorable.

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4. Bedding

Pine shavings make great bedding for little chicks. It's heat dried to prevent mold and ultra absorbent. Wood shavings should be your first choice, but make sure they are pine shavings.

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5. Plastic Flip Top Poultry Feeder

This chick feeder is easy to clean and has a snap-in hinge so it lasts a long time. Did you know baby chickens are attracted to the color red? They will be drawn to this feeder.

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If this is your first time raising chickens, enjoy this stage!

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