.22 Long Rifle Cartridge
YouTube: 22plinkster

Testing the True Long-Range Accuracy of a .22 Rifle

It's time to finally put this to the test.

Just how far can you fire .22 LR cartridge from and still hit the target? Maybe you've experimented with this at your local range and maybe not. In any case, it's a true test of skill to reach out and hit targets at great distances with a rimfire round. But have you ever wondered just how far one of those tiny bullets can reach with accuracy?

YouTubers 22plinkster and IV8888 decided to team up really push this round to the absolute limits using a couple of different rifles.

Watch the video below to see for yourself how this round does at extreme distances of 600 and 500 yards.

If you have ever shot long-range with a .22-caliber rifle, you know it starts to get a bit tricky at distances beyond 100 yards. Depending on your setup of course. Some guns are going to be better suited for reaching out long distances than others. Many other variables like wind speed, your optics and barrel length can affect your chances of actually making accurate shots way out there. We don't recommend taking shots like this at a small game animal. However, if you have access to a long range, this would be a fun activity with some buddies to see who could reach out and touch a target this far away.

An accurate rifle is a must. The best ammunition certainly helps, but you better watch the wind drift. Power drops off quickly and those tiny little bullets drop in a hurry. Still, we can't help but be impressed by what these boys pulled off with such a tiny little gun. It goes to show why .22 lr remains such a popular cartridge offering today.

Great shooting, fellas!

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