National Advanced Driving Simulator

National Advanced Driving Simulator: How Dangerous Is It to Talk to a Camera While Driving?

A study by the University of Iowa has revealed just how dangerous it is to talk to a camera while driving.

In operation since 2001, the laboratory test, using the university's proprietary National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS), uses a controlled environment and a simulated vehicle to monitor driver reactions to unattended acceleration.

Watch the perils of distracted driving in this clip.

Once an event is detected, the driver is instructed to hit the brakes. From the video, its evident that driving even on straightaway roads presented a hazard.

Study Sesh

The goal of the National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS) program is to enhanced transportation safety research using driving simulators, with ongoing studies in the areas of driver distance, connected vehicles, and vehicle safety suites. Its technical capabilities include swappable cabins, a 360° turning mechanism, the ability to move up to 64 feet in multiple directions, and a hydrologic tech that allows for inclines and declines.

At the moment, NADS is used by a variety of sectors including auto companies and drug agencies.

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