This is How Bucks Fight Before Their Antlers Develop

Ever wonder how deer fight when still in velvet?

We all know that deer will fight one another to assert dominance. It might be a fight over a doe, territory, or a limited resource such as food. So what do bucks do before the velvet is off? Watch this amazing video published by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency to find out.

Those things can box. Or would it be kick boxing? Either way, you can keep the Mayweather McGregor fight, I'd rather watch that.

I've seen does fight like this but this is the first time I've seen bucks do it. I think I speak for everyone when I say I need  to know what food it was they are fighting over. For food plots and science  of course. It looks like the start of corn from what I can tell.

Now, refresh your memory! Watch three deer fight for dominance in the height of the rut: