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Watch This Black Bear Expertly Open a Hot Tub and Take a Dip

Hot tubs are perfect for a nice long soak after a hard day. Warm water. Bubbling jets. Maybe a glass of wine. But the perfect way to relax... for a bear? Well, this little black bear got his hot tub on in the Smokey Mountains. Granted, all he has is the hot water, but we don't think he misses the bubbles or the wine. The video was posted to TikTok by @mad_722, and it's clear this bear is quite comfortable with the process of getting the hot tub cover off—almost like he's done it before. Either that or he watches the humans from a distance when they use the tub! I can picture this black bear sauntering up to the hot tub like he owns the place. Nothing is standing in the way of his adventure.


This bear is no stranger to the hott tub #fyp #bearneccesites

? Good Day - Nappy Roots

The bear makes quick work of removing the tub cover. Sitting on the side of the hot tub, the bear pushes the corner up. However, he doesn't get it quite far enough, and it bounces back onto his head. This smart bear doesn't make the same mistake twice. With the next push, the cover stays in place. The bear holds it in place for a second, to be sure. Once the cover is secure, the bear moseys its way into the water. First, his paws plop onto the seat, quickly followed by his back legs. He stands there enjoying the water, taking a few sips here and there. He only hangs out for a minute or so, climbing out and using the stairs like a complete gentleman. But this isn't the only time he gets caught in the hot tub. In a follow-up video, he tries to get in again but is thwarted by the cover!


No ones gunna ruin my hott tub fun he says #bearneccesites #fyp #relaxing #tennessee #smokymoutains

? Break My Stride - Chateau Pop

The little guy walks up and attempts his cover lifting trick, this time from the stairs. However, the cover doesn't quite pop up as he planned. Instead, it slides back. The bear looks around like he is not sure what to do. He decides a drink from the tub will have to do this time. After a quick sip, he realizes he is being watched by the kids upstairs and is distracted from the tub. Something tells me this bear will be back again soon!

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