Horse Loves Playing with His Little Ducky in the Snow

Everyone needs a friend, and these two make the perfect pair.

A beautiful paint horse named Snipes used to love playing with his lead rope. It'd be attached to the gate near his stall, and the inquisitive horse entertained himself by tugging and pulling at the rope.

After watching the horse have fun with something as simple as a rope, his owner thought Snipes deserved something a little better when it came to a playmate.

In the adorable video captured by his owner, we see Snipes gingerly take the duck off the fence only to toss it in the air and dance around in glee. The horse jumps, bucks, and really lets loose. A particularly enthusiastic toss from Snipes sends the new toy sailing over the fence and into the snow, but once they're reunited, playtime continues like it was never interrupted.

Like people, horses that are cooped up all day in a stall or small pasture often suffer from boredom. They need stimulating activities to keep them busy, and toys provide the perfect entertainment.


Every horse is different, and it might take a few tries to find the toy your horse likes best. For Snipes, the little ducky was the perfect solution. For other horses, large balls and treat containers can keep them entertained. Remember to supervise your horse's playtime to ensure they don't get hurt.

Does horse have a toy they absolutely love playing with? Let us know in the comments.

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