1.5 Gauge Punt Gun
YouTube: Robert Vogel

Homemade 1.5 Gauge Punt Gun Delivers Quite the Kick

Behold the raw power of the homemade 1.5-gauge punt gun!

Everyone loves big guns, especially large shotguns. However, your 12, 20 and even 10-gauge models are going to pale in comparison to what you will see here today. YouTuber Robert Vogel built a homemade punt gun. If you are not familiar with punt guns, they are gigantic-sized shotguns built specifically for taking down whole flocks of waterfowl.

It is not uncommon for a punt gun to be chambered in ridiculous sizes like 8 bore. However, the gun in this video takes things to a whole other level. Robert's homemade gun is a monstrous 1.5-gauge! In this gun, he has a whopping 11 ounces of shot and a jaw-dropping 650 grains of black powder!

But how well does this monstrous gun do when shoulder-fired? Well, just watch the video to find out.

We think it is safe to say that him saying "This is gonna kick" is a HUGE understatement! Did you see the smoke cloud all that black powder produced? We know guns in these sizes were designed for taking out whole flocks of waterfowl, but are we sure they were not produced for taking down a T-Rex too?

Our shoulders hurt a little bit just watching this gun in action. He built NO recoil pad at all into the buttstock of this thing. He said he has built these before, so that is slightly surprising.

The fact that he used a rest is not surprising. At the height of punt gun use, they were usually mounted to small boats and the hunter would try to sneak up on a whole flock of geese or ducks and try to take as many out with one shot as they could. These guns were mostly used over in Europe in the commercial hunting industry where hunters needed to put a ton of ducks on the ground at once.

These days they are mostly just a novelty, but one that is satisfyingly fun to watch!

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