8 bore shotgun

Video: Vintage 8-Bore Shotgun Fired at County Fair

Who doesn't like big shotguns?

Well, we definitely do, and this vintage 8-bore shotgun is truly impressive.

When a 10-gauge shotgun just doesn't kick hard enough anymore, the only option to step it up a little more, right?

How much recoil does an 8-bore shotgun really have, though? Well, it's certainly not like the Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun you use for rabbit hunting.

This hard-kicking, single-shot 8-bore, or 8-gauge as we refer to it on this side of the pond, seems to be in excellent condition. These firearms were very useful for market hunters who chased migrating waterfowl in the late 19th century. There were also larger shotguns known as punt guns that were mounted to boats. Many of these big-bore shotguns were muzzleloaders that used black powder.

Later on, shotgun cartridges evolved, allowing for faster reloads and ultimately better hunting results. That led to changes in hunting regulation, as any shotgun bigger than 10 gauge is federally banned for waterfowl hunting.

Many of these older shotguns have Damascus barrels that have to be checked by a competent gunsmith before firing black powder loads.

We'd like to thank YouTuber Gunner17722 for sharing this video!

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