Holster Review: The All New Alien Gear Shape Shift Modular Holster

Alien Gear's new Shape Shift Holster is about to change how we think of holsters forever.

Instead of one static design, the Shape Shift allows you a myriad of different handgun carry options. I review the all new Alien Gear Shape Shift Modular Holster, and this is what it is all about.

How would you like to own a holster that will do it all? You can carry it appendix style, outside the waistband (OWB) with paddle, inside the waistband (IWB), outside the waistband (OWB) with belt slide or mounted in various places? Also would you like to be able to even customize these carry styles in the future to other ways soon to be released to the public? The Alien Gear Shape Shift Modular Holster is a complete change in holster design that can do all of the above.

The great folks at Alien Gear Holsters sent out the all new Shape Shift Modular Holster for the iconic Glock 17 pistol. When you open the box you will see a variety of parts. Think of this kit as just like with Lego building blocks, before you start get out the instruction manuals. Read through them and you will understand the different configurations. You can then build the one you choose easily.

Also included in the kit is mounting hardware for concealed mounting to objects like walls or bottoms of tables. A thumb release and many extra parts round out the Alien Gear Shape Shift Holster Starter Kit into one do it all package.

Alien Gear Holsters added a personal touch to my test kit. They are really proud of all of the American ingenuity that has gone into this great American made holster system. That indeed is something to be proud of.

What is the Alien Gear Shape Shift Holster all about in their own words? This video shows you all about what makes this revolutionary holster system work:

Just how many ways can you carry the Alien Gear Shape Shift Holster? This video will indeed surprise you:

I built all of the four above Alien Gear Shape Shift Holster configurations. The first one pictured below is the appendix style carry configuration:

The picture shows the Alien Gear Shape Shift Holster in the outside the waistband (OWB) carry with paddle:

The inside the waistband (IWB) configuration is below:

The outside the waistband (OWB) carry with belt slide is another great way to carry:

So what did I think of the various designs and carry options? Well the men and women at Alien Gear Holsters hit the bullseye with this system. I am personally not aware of any other holster designing company that has put this much time and effort into making a convertible modular holster that will do what the Shape Shift will do. All holster configurations were very concealable and comfortable. Each one offers a different option than the other configurations. The future growth capability of this design will let you carry in many other way soon also as stated in the above videos. With so many styles to build yourself you will always have the holster you want for the way you carry.

Check out the all new Alien Gear Shape Shift Holster on their website. Dump that old broken down holster and step up to the modern age, the Alien Gear Shape Shift Holster.