180 kill shots in 10 incredible minutes

HogZombies Share 180 Hog Kill Shots In 10 Incredible Minutes

Feral hogs are a serious danger to the environment.

These invasive animals need to be taken out. Witness 180 kill shots in 10 incredible minutes and see the pork go down quickly.

Whether you call them feral hogs, wild boar, wild hogs, hogs or pigs, the invasive species decimates both farm land and wild areas. So what can we do to stop the swine menace?

Shoot them, of course. HogZombies are the professionals of hog shooting. In this action-packed footage we see 180 kill shots in just 10 minutes. The shooting is fast and furious with well-documented hunts during the day and at night with thermal optics.

Special thanks to HogZombies for taking the fight to the enemy hogs. If you have hogs in your area, get out there and do your part to fight this nuisance. Oh yeah, and you can eat them too. We certainly call that a win.

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