hog eradication

Hog Eradication to the Max: 110 Hogs Taking Dirt Naps

Thermal hunting creates a huge advantage, and you'll see why in this video.

Back with another hog eradication video, Ultimate Night Vision shows us again why hunting with thermal can be an absolute game changer.

Multiple sets, multiple pigs, and multiple dirt naps taking place one after another. Hog eradication at it's finest. With the growing population and the destructive damage the feral hogs cause to agricultural ground and all land for that matter, it is crucial we keep them in check. That is why hog eradication is essential to population control of these wild animals.

It is just a cherry on top that it happens to be a blast picking these hogs off one by one with thermal imagery hunting setups. Night hunting can be a blast. If you are new to the sport and are looking for some night hunting equipment, be sure to head over to Night Hunting Depot and check out their products.

These guys have got it figured out and continue to pump out ridiculously awesome hunts like this on their YouTube page.

Dirt nap on dirt nap, you won't be disappointed.

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