This Fake Planter Is Really a Genius Hidden Litter Box

You like my new plant? Gee thanks, just bought it. You'll definitely want to have more people over once you don't have to worry about hiding your cat's litter box from guests. Good Pet Stuff has a cat litter box cover that looks like a real clay pot. A hidden cat litter box is perfect for when you don't have a space for your cat's litter box to be hidden. Sometimes living in a small apartment or studio can prevent you from keeping a litter box in a laundry room or storage area.

A decorative planter makes the purrfect furniture piece to hide a litter box in. Cat lovers, rejoice. You might have thought about doing a DIY project to hide your cat's litter box, or considered an end table or cat furniture cabinet. If you don't have the space for it, the litter planter comes in handy since you can place it in the corner without needing much wall space.

Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Litter Box

The large capacity pot is made of durable polypropylene and is designed for large cats and multi-cat households. Yes, the plant is fake, but that just means this hidden cat litter box will last! So worth it. A regular litter box can be daunting to look at. Customers have rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars! Many people are impressed with how well it blends in with their living room. Many say their guests don't even realize it's a hidden litter box. Customer reviews also say the litter box is easy to clean.

A litter planter is my favorite way of hiding a litter box. These seem appropriate for outdoor use as well, so treat your outdoor cat with a new hidden litter box enclosure. Your cat will love their privacy! Available for $56.99. 

Every cat owner wants to hide their kitty litter! When you can blend the litter box with home decor it's a win-win for your cat. Some litter boxes can be integrated into a piece of furniture, nightstand, side table, or litter cabinet. This product is perfect if you have plants and want to blend the litter pan with the plants stands and flower pots in your home. Consider this apartment therapy!

The litter box should never be an eyesore. It should blend as well as the cat door does.

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