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The Secret to Keeping Your Cat Healthy Is in the Litter

Gingi the cat was sick, but by the time the illness was diagnosed, it was too late. 

Daniel Rotman was only a teenager when the family cat, Gingi, got sick. By the time the feline illness was found, Gingi passed away. The cat hadn't shown any signs of pain or discomfort, like most cats wouldn't if something was wrong internally, making it impossible for the Rotmans to have guessed something was wrong.

Gingi was a beloved pet, and the thought of preventing the illness stayed with Rotman into adulthood. He searched for the answers to the questions cat owners ask themselves every day.

What if you could tell when your cat was sick? What if you could tell what was going on internally without running to the vet with each false alarm?

Daniel Rotman


Rotman went off to college and pursued a Master's Degree in Public Administration from Harvard. Two businesses founded later, he wanted to return to his love for pets rather than continue in finance and politics. He knew he could figure out how to keep family cats from hiding their illnesses and save countless kitties around the world.

The startup PrettyLitter was born. And with the help of advisors like Brian Lee, CEO of The Honest Company, Sam Yagan, Founder of OKCupid and CEO of, and Tim Draper, venture capital investor, the company grew legs and quickly became a household staple for conscious cat owners. 

PrettyLitter is designed as a subscription service; choose how many cats you have in the house and they'll send you a month's supply of their litter. The litter itself is made with crystals that absorb more waste than other kitty litter on the market, which also means less scooping.

The litter also changes colors if there are certain levels of toxicity in your cat's urine. And this is where PrettyLitter sets itself apart.

The litter will turn blue if there are high levels of alkaline in your feline's urine, red if there is blood present, and green if there are high levels of acidity.



PrettyLitter allows you to monitor your cat's health simply by emptying the litter box, which you do anyways. And cat owners, like Shannon Ratliff, who use the litter swear by it:

"I've been a longtime user of PrettyLitter (since 2015!) when it helped us detect an early kidney problem in my cat, Julius. While he seemed more lethargic than usual, it wasn't until we saw his litter change to a red tint that we booked a vet appointment ASAP. A diet change was all it took to prevent future problems, but I know that without early detection, we could have faced a vet bill of over $3,000! Julius loves the litter, too. He always had sneezing and wheezing issues from clay litter, but since we switched, he breathes easier, literally."

The average cat owner spends $22 a month on kitty litter, and PrettyLitter at $21 a bag is right at market price. Plus, it's delivered right to your doorstep which makes this specialized kitty litter a no-brainer.

It's never been easier to make sure your cat is happy and healthy. Know if your kitty is in pain by using PrettyLitter before it may be too late. Daniel Rotman and Gingy's memory hope you will.

Sign up to try PrettyLitter for yourself on their website and follow their Facebook to see some happy, healthy kitties use their product.

Images via PrettyLitter/Facebook and PrettyLitter