Coyote attack
NY Daily News 

Off-Duty New York Cop Saves 5-Year-Old Girl from Coyote Attack at a Park


A coyote attack on a human in broad daylight is pretty rare. However, there's more to this story. 

A 5-year-old girl was playing in a park located at a Westchester County playground when a coyote ran up, grabbed her by the arm, and tried to pull her away. Thankfully, there was an off-duty cop nearby with his family who saw the event unfolding. Without hesitation, Police Officer Arcangelo Liberatore sprung into action and tackled the coyote, freeing the young girl from its jaws. 

As the story goesKasey King-Petrellese was with her two children in the park when she saw a coyote running at her daughter, Natalia, at full speed. Before Kasey could get to Natalia, the coyote latched onto her arm and was pulling her away. Then, King-Petrellese started kicking the coyote in the face as hard as she could. This is when Liberatore showed up.

From that moment, a punch to the coyote's face, jiu-jitsu, and a stranglehold was able to free the girl and also hold the coyote down until another on-duty police officer arrived and shot it. Both Natalia and Liberatore received stitches and rabies shots.

After authorities were able to check the coyote, it did in fact have rabies.