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Does Gutting a Deer Near Your Treestand Actually Matter?

gut pile

You've probably heard someone tell you to never gut a deer near your treestand.

As the saying goes, if you gut a deer near your stand, it will scare all the deer that frequent the area away. However, are there any facts to back up this claim, or debunk it?

Well, yes. Here's what we found.

After quite a bite of research into this topic, I was able to find this study done by Dr. James C. Kroll, who replicated gut piles all over the woods and placed trail cams right on top of the piles. Two kinds of animals were always the first to show up to the pile within hours of its placement: shockingly, deer and crows. Some deer even licked the gut piles, but at the very least, they were heavily investigated. Deer did not respond negatively at all. 

Watch this video below to see this exact evidence. Deer and crows are right there to check it out.

So, what do you think? The next time you gut a deer, will you stop dragging it a half mile away from your stand?

For a guy like me, that sounds like a winner of an idea, especially if it has no impact on the hunting area at all.



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Does Gutting a Deer Near Your Treestand Actually Matter?