Here’s What Happens When 2 Sows and 4 Cubs Show Up to the Same Bait Pile

When two sows and four cubs show up to the same bait pile, things will get nasty.

Here's how you know that you picked the right place to put your bait pile.

Waiting on stand won't get much more exciting than this when you are hunting, and these two sows and their four cubs fighting are exactly why we spend so much time picking out a place to sit.

Although you cannot see all of the cubs in the video, Top of the Flyway Outfitters says nevertheless that they were in fact there. What you can see is two different cubs watching as their mother sows get it on right in front of them.

While one cub climbs a tree, the other almost gets in the stand with the hunter doing the filming, and we're thinking the the other two simply hightailed it out of there. If you want to see bears in your treestand, you may want to find out where these guys are.

That may not be the most grueling bear fight that we've ever seen (this is), but the fact remains that two bears and one bait pile just don't mix.

It's a testament to scouting and stand location when it everything works out like this. Since this was obviously a spring hunt, it's possible that only boars could be taken, but thats not known at this time.

Have you ever seen this many bears from your treestand?

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