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Hunting Hogs and Deer Over Bait Approved in Alabama House

It looks like they could be busting out bait by the bucket down south. 

In an effort to help Alabama farmers, state legislatures are hoping to provide some relief. A pending bill designed for hunting hogs and deer will open baiting for either species. Alabama has the highest population of deer in the country and wild hogs are right up there, too. Currently, hunting over bait piles is illegal, but in a sweeping approval by the house, this law is one vote away from being overturned.

Per the bill, hunters who wish to hunt over bait will be required to purchase an extra permit. At this point, the extra fee will cost $16. However, if the senate also approves a pending amendment, that fee will jump to $50 for out-of-state hunters.

So far, the only special concerns and slight opposition to this new bill has strangely been from the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. As it's been reported, they have concerns from the drop in revenue they will get from no longer issuing tickets for this very thing. In an effort to end these concerns, the extra fees for hunting over bait will go directly to this department.