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A24 Automatic Rat and Mouse Trap Uses No Poison or Electricity

rat trap
YouTube: Goodnature Limited

Watching the A24 automatic rat and mouse trap do its duty will leave you wanting one.

The weatherproof A24 and its installed CO2 cartridge will have rats and other rodents falling in their steps around your property. Without using poisons or electricity, the A24 installs quickly and easily almost anywhere.

The CO2-powered shot automatically resets itself after each strike, leaving you to do nothing but count the carcasses. And if you're interested in knowing how many strikes it has launched, you can even get the optional strike counter that shows up to 99 kills!

Once installed, whether it be in a barn, shed, or even out in the woods, you can simply kick back and count the number of rodents that go down. For now, watch this video:

The folks at Automatic Trap say, "These waterproof traps will last years in remote wilderness as well as the most extreme temperature and weather conditions, yet one person can easily carry 30 on their back."

The makers also say that installation takes less than a minute with the enclosed CO2 canister and bait that can kill up to 24 rats or mice with each container.

Since no poison is used, it is safe for use around homes or farms where other important animals live and thrive.

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A24 Automatic Rat and Mouse Trap Uses No Poison or Electricity