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Terminator-Like Skin Can Repair Itself After a Gunshot [VIDEO]

An amazing new Terminator-like skin material can instantaneously repair itself after a gunshot strike.

University of Michigan chemical engineer Timothy Scott leads a team that has created a self-healing polymer that oozes a substance called tributylborane.

When the substance is sandwiched between two sheets of that polymer and is punctured, it seeps out and reacts with the oxygen in the surrounding air to harden and seal the hole in seconds.

While other self-healing materials do exist, the time they take to “heal” is much longer.

Instantaneously hole-plugging materials can be of great use in protecting manned space vehicles in orbit where many flying projectiles are present.

Bulletproof armor is necessary for police and military uses, but this material is the beginning of a new age of coatings that can serve and protect humans.

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Terminator-Like Skin Can Repair Itself After a Gunshot [VIDEO]