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Here’s How You Catch a Gopher with a Milk Jug [VIDEO]

You can catch a cold, you can catch a bass, but did you know you could catch a gopher with a milk jug? Well, here’s how!

Gophers can be the scourge of the farming community and lord knows how many methods ranchers and livestock dealers have used to deal with the problem.

Here comes Russ with a gallon milk jug full of water and the final solution.

Have you seen it all yet?

Who knew pouring water down a single hole was the way to catch a gopher! This poses a few interesting questions:

  1. Who was the first person to try this zany method?
  2. Who knew that a gopher could crawl inside of a plastic jug?
  3. What do you do with a gopher in a plastic jug?
  4. Do you need a license to “jug” for gophers?
  5. Are we having fun yet?

I see some folks looking for an empty milk jug out there, and a few ground rats trembling because they might be next.


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Here’s How You Catch a Gopher with a Milk Jug [VIDEO]