Easy Way to Clean Frogs

The Easy Way to Quickly Clean Frogs for the Dinner Table

Frogs make a great meal when prepared correctly.

Who would even think these swamp-loving amphibians would be such a gourmet cuisine? Well, many people in the south know, and they have been enjoying them for dinner for years. It does take a little practice to learn how to clean one of these slippery amphibians properly for the dinner table. However, the reward is a delicious dinner you never knew you'd enjoy this much.

Now it's time to learn how to clean bullfrogs the right way for one tasty meal. It's not nearly as difficult or as intimidating as you may think.

YouTuber Swamp Assassin shows us the correct steps of how to get delicious from legs from big Louisiana bullfrogs.

Cleaning frogs can be a daunting task for those who do not know the quick and easy methods of how to do it correctly. Thankfully, we now have the Internet today to show us the cuts and skills needed so we don't waste a lot of time and meat botching the job. Most outdoorsmen and women have the tools needed on hand already too in the shears and fish cleaning knife. The only new thing you may need to add to your arsenal is a pair of skinning pliers to quickly pull the skin off the bottom half of the frog.

We must admit, this guy made it look easy. His method is no mess and quick as lightning. When you have a whole bucket of huge bullfrogs to skin and a barbecue in a few hours, you must be quick.

If you have never thought much of trying frog legs, you just might want to give them a try. The worse that could happen is you might actually love those meaty morsels.