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How to Catch, Clean and Cook Bullfrogs for Delicious Frog Legs

Everyone says frog legs taste like chicken so let's find out just how to catch, clean and cook bullfrogs.

Truth is, bullfrogs look nothing like chicken, from the outside. But cut that backbone and turn them inside out and you have some luscious white meat staring at you just asking you to cook them up.

There are several ways of cooking them up. My buddy Thayer from Top Pin Outdoors loves to make an Old Bay and Buffalo Sauced frog legs recipe, using his oven, as you can see above. But below, we have a guy who goes a step further. He not only shows us what it looks like to eat these frog legs, he shows us how to catch, clean and cook them.

Check it out:

They don't seem really all that difficult to catch. You do need to make sure it's legal in your state to hunt or "fish" for bullfrogs. Some states allow you hunt them, however the method to taking the frogs vary per jurisdiction as well.

A tasty, quick and easy meal that you may not have even thought of with an animal, or amphibian, that you may have forgotten of as well.

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