These 10 Motorcycle Memes Will Make You Laugh

If you liked our 10 Best Truck Memes but prefer action of the two-wheeled sort, don't check out these hilarious motorcycle memes.

Whether they're on a Hog, a crotch rocket or a Gold Wing, motorcyclists are a dedicated bunch. For a glimpse into this unique lifestyle, the Internet has given us an endless stream of motorcycle memes to enjoy... or wince at. Scroll down to see some funny motorcycle memes that give a surprisingly revealing look at those who ride motorcycles.


Why spend tens of thousands of dollars getting married or having a kid when you can ride a motorcycle?


Sadly, this addiction is sometimes more dangerous than any other due to the actions of others - careless drivers who don't look out for motorcyclists.


Easy fix. Just date people who ride, too!

Is This Thing On?

Admit it! Revving a Harley-Davidson does sound cool.

Getting Pulled Over

Well, that and you can't outrun the police radios.


The downside of motorcycles is the lack of cargo space. This couple figured that problem out in an extremely unsafe way.

Push it to the Limits

Racing motorcycles is a fine line between exhilaration and suicide.


Leave your ponchos, umbrellas and windshield wipers at home.

Looks vs. Safety

If you're going to ride, at least do so wearing the proper equipment.


Dedicated to the guy in the previous meme.