Elk Herd
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Massive Herd of Elk Completely Shuts Down Traffic on Montana Roadway

This video puts a whole new meaning to the words "traffic jam."

Everyone hates the commute to work, especially if you regularly get stuck in traffic jams along the way. There's nothing worse than bumper-to-bumper cars all honking at one another to get out of the way. It's a frustrating waste of time that's enough to set even the most even-keeled person on edge.

Then there is the American West, where traffic often gets stopped for an entirely different reason altogether. As you'll see in this viral video from Deer Lodge, Montana.

See, the traffic here isn't being slowed because of other cars. It's the local wildlife. And there's a lot of them. Just watch this video of this massive elk herd to see what we mean. Go ahead, just try and count how many elk are in this group!

We don't care where you are from that is a LOT of elk! This video was shot at the tail end of October and the person who took it had a good excuse for their boss as to why they were late coming back when these animals decided to take their time crossing the roadway. The video's description reads:

"While returning to work, the elk were attempting to cross the road. I stopped traffic, so they could cross. About half way through the crossing, they snapped the fence, spooking the other half as they returned to the other side of the road."

What an awesome sight and just part of the natural progression of the seasons in many parts of Wyoming and Montana. As you can see, the snows are already here, and the animals are herding up. You know, given the choice between being slowed down by these elk and being stuck in a sea of cars on the freeway, we'll take the elk herd every time!

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