Facebook: The Damion Alexander Team

Commuters Film Sprinting Javelina Keeping Up with Traffic Along Arizona Roadway

In the Southwest, you don't only have to keep an eye out for deer, but also javelinas.

Back in February, video footage captured a javelina running in full sprint along a roadside in Tucson, Arizona, near East 22nd Street and Kolb Road.

While most of us are used to seeing deer, foxes, raccoons, skunks and the occasional stray pet crossing the road, many Americans have the privilege of sharing the road with animals Easterners have never seen.

Throughout the Rocky Mountains, locals find themselves stopping for elk and mule deer, while people in the Pacific Northwest often encounter the occasional moose or caribou.

However, only in the Southwest will someone ever come across a javelina, also known as a peccary.

Javelinas, while looking much like a miniature feral hog, are in fact much different, as they hail from completely separate families.

When you do have the luxury of experiencing a javelina encounter, it'll usually have company, as javelinas almost always travel in herds, which vary size.

And, when you do see one alone, there's a good chance it'll be in flee mode like the one we see in the video below:

This video comes from the Facebook page of The Damion Alexander Team, a local real estate group that was looking for a funny angle to sell homes.

We can't knock their approach, though, as this darting javelina is hard to watch only once. Not only does thing have some serious wheels, but it's agile around the corners, is it not?

Javelinas typically live for seven or eight years, too, so it's likely locals will see this little guy again.

Hopefully next time we get to see an entire herd of javelinas sprinting the streets of Tucson!