Henry Lever Action Axe
Henry Repeating Firearms

Henry Released a Non-NFA Lever-Action in .410 Called 'The Axe'

The new Henry non-NFA lever action .410 shotgun looks awesome.

Henry Repeating Arms has long been known for being one of the lead manufacturers of lever-action rifles and shotguns, and they've just announced a cool new lever-action design that's leaving many surprised.

The new Henry Lever Action Axe is a .410 has an overall length of 26 inches and has a barrel length of just 16 inches. It also features a short "axe handle" grip.

The Axe is already for sale at gun dealers with an MSRP of $970. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are not regulating this gun. We're guessing the Henry Axe is being treated much like the Mare's Leg lever-actions, which are classified as handguns. This means you don't need a tax stamp to own this non-NFA firearm.

The Axe holds five 2 1/2 inches shotshells in the magazine tube and has a blued-steel barrel; the bead sight is polished brass. The manufacturer is also including a removable full choke with this gun, a nice little bonus. The barrel is threaded for invector-style chokes.

The Henry Lever Action Axe

Henry made it possible to keep loading shells through the side-loading gate without removing the tube magazine. That's another nice touch, because our main gripe with tubular magazines is that they take a little longer to load. Instead of a stock, the engineers at Henry looked to another area of their line of firearms for inspiration in a walnut-handled pistol grip design.

"Our Mare's Leg lever action pistols have been a popular choice among shooting sports enthusiasts for many years now, mainly because they're so fun to shoot and the fact that they look like they came right out of a Western movie," Anthony Imperato, President and owner of Henry, said in a press release. "The Axe shares a similar form factor to our Mare's Leg with some added features for more versatility."

Henry seems to be banking on this firearm as a hit on the gun range with your buddies and for offering the versatility and storability of a 26-inch firearm. There has been something of a movement for .410 as a self-defense round in recent years and we imagine The Axe will be looked at as a home or truck gun in that regard.

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