Images via Henry Repeating Arms

Is This Henry's Best Looking Rifle Yet?

The Henry American Eagle rifle dons a unique new finish, and the results are incredible.

How do you pay homage to the National Bird of America with a truly unique firearm design?

The new American Eagle from Henry Repeating Arms does it with style and patriotism in a classic design. The dedicated crew at Henry has easily set another precedent with this one.

The lever action in .22 S/L/LR is built on the Golden Boy platform and has an impressive wood finish used for the first time on a Henry rifle. The American walnut takes on an ivory look after layers of primer and color are added and sanded in between. The natural wood grain is highlighted in a never-before seen way.

The styling of the stock doesn't stop at the ivory color. Its deep engraving is among the most intricate and detailed you'll ever see, and depicts the American bald eagle in all its grandeur.

The buttstock features aggressive checkering that winds its way into a leafy vine and surrounding the head of the eagle. The words "American Eagle" are engraved in a beautiful script, letting anyone who sees it know what the gun's all about. The forearm is also deeply checkered and features the name "Henry" to finish off the design.

A nickel-plated receiver cover, buttplate, and barrel band give the .22 a bright and shiny accent. The blued 20" octagonal barrel may not seem like it would go along with the style, but the contrast is actually pretty eye-pleasing.

Of course, it's not all for show. The American Eagle features a fully-adjustable semi-buckhorn rear sight with a brass bead front sight, and will likely surprise a shooter who's unfamiliar with the accuracy and smoothness that Henry's known for. It's a great rifle for target shooting, passing down to younger generations, or even hunting.

The American Eagle has a capacity of 16 LR and 21 S cartridges, and weighs in at 6.75 pounds. It's drilled and tapped for mounting a scope, if that's your desire.

This is the type of gun you know is going to stand out no matter what else is in your gun rack. Photos, even of the highest resolution, don't do the ivory-colored finish or the detailed engraving justice. The American Eagle is a gun you've got to hold in your hands and shoot to fully appreciate.

That's easier than ever, with Henry's presence in a ton of dealer collections across the country. They're popular for good reason, and most reputable gun stores known that a Henry on their shelf means something pretty important.

When you make your guns in America and honor your home as well as Henry does, you're doing something sustainable.

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