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The Henry Golden Boy Looks Like the Big Boys, Stings Like a Bee

The Henry Golden Boy in 22LR delivers some ultra light and speedy rounds on the cheap!

The 22LR is definitely one of Americas favorite rounds. Usually priced around 10-15 cents (when the panic buying isn’t happening), you can definitely get into the Lever Action sports with the Golden Boy.

The Golden Boy is featured on The Henry Rifle page, as a featured rifle on their drop down list. The rifle is priced around $550 at the time of this article being published. The rifle looks just as awesome as the Big Boy series of the Henry Rifles. The Golden Boy, brings the added value of a small caliber cartridge that you can train with over and over again.

For those looking to get into the shooting sports, the Golden Boy is the great entry level rifle that will allow you to grow as a shooter. The Golden Boy comes pre-drilled and will allow you to mount a scope on the rifle for when you want to get even more precise shots. Personally I would add a red dot sight and keep my rifle shots below 100 yards as the .22 tends to have some wind drift and cause your impacts to look out of place. The heavy octagonal barrel on the Henry rifle will help ensure that 22LR shoots as a straight as possible and won’t leave you feeling like your rifle is made of just aluminum.

The 22LR also has varying levels of weights that can help you either use the rifle for a hunting application for small varmints or for general plinking that will be more cost effective. The 22LR is a must have for anyone in their arsenal and the small cartridge can be bought by the hundreds at a time.

Keep training and remember the 22LR might be small but has many applications that can positively impact your shooting style.



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The Henry Golden Boy Looks Like the Big Boys, Stings Like a Bee