Henry X Model
Henry Repeating Arms

Henry Announces Launch of New X Model Series

The new Henry X Model firearms look awesome.

About a year after they first teased them, Henry Repeating Arms has officially announced the arrival of the X Model series of lever action rifles and one shotgun.

The X Model series of guns feature black synthetic stocks, solid rubber recoil pads and blued steel barrels and receivers. Fiber optic sights are standard.

But these aren't your granddaddy's lever actions.

For one, the new Henrys feature threaded barrels ready to accept muzzle devices or suppressors right out of the box. They are already drilled and tapped for optics. Henry also built in M-Lok and picatinny rail accessory slots into the fore end of the gun. These really are a modern take on some classic hunting rifle designs!

As for calibers, there's a variety. The Model X series includes a model in Henry's beloved cowboy action style Big Boy platform. These seven-round capacity rifles will be chambered in calibers you already know and love like .44 Magnum, .44 Spl, .357 Mag, .38 Spl and of course, .45 Colt.

Henry also kept the removable tube magazines and side loading gates you may already know from other Henry rifles. We're guessing some of these rifles will be popular in the whitetail woods of the Midwest next season.

Henry X Model

One of the new models will be chambered in .45-70 Government, which we imagine will prove popular not just with deer hunters, but people going after larger game too.

The final new model is a smooth bore .410 lever action shotgun variation that should be perfect for squirrel, rabbits or small birds. It has a capacity of five rounds and is already threaded for invector-style chokes.

Henry X Model

These new lever guns weigh in at around 7.3 pounds each. The shotgun weighs slightly more at 7.5 pounds. We imagine with their short length and synthetic design that these will prove popular brush guns in the next few years. Henry also included sling swivel studs for anyone doing a big hike into the backcountry.

The company says when the concept of these guns was first introduced at the NRA Annual Meetings and Conventions in 2018, there was an overwhelming response.

"The sheer volume of positive feedback we received about the concept guns we brought to Dallas was incredible, and this type of strong feedback is what tends to drive our product development plans," Henry President and Owner Anthony Imperato said in a press release. "It's exciting to kick off the year with such a highly requested line of firearms and finally make these guns a reality."

The new Henry lever Model X rifles and shotgun are already in gun stores across the United States. The MSRP for all models is $970.

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