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Heated Water Hose: Do I Need One for My RV + Best Options of 2021

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If you love RV camping and are looking to start using your motorhome in cold weather or chillier climates, you need a heated RV water hose.

Camping in your RV is a really great way to keep the comforts of home while still being able to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Not only do you have a roof over your head, but you also get a comfortable bed, a kitchen, a sitting area, and running water when you stay in your motorhome versus camping in a tent. One thing that's really important, though, is making sure you're using the right water system for your needs. A heated water hose, for example, is essential during the colder months to prevent the water from freezing.

If you thought having a kink in your water line was annoying, a frozen hose while RVing can quickly ruin a morning, especially when it's super cold outside. A heated RV water hose is an easy way to ensure this doesn't happen to you.

Why Having A Heated Water Hose for Your RV Is Important

Before we cover why heated water hoses are essential for any motorhome that hopes to operate correctly in freezing temperatures, it's important to mention that you absolutely cannot, under any circumstances, use a standard garden hose on your RV. Garden hoses are not rated for potable water in the same way RV drinking water hoses are, and they can leech chemicals into your water supply that taste and smell bad — or which can even be toxic!

A heated RV water hose is drinking-water safe, can be used to supply your faucets inside your RV, and work to keep your water flowing even when the temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The last thing you want on a cold morning is your hose freezing and having to deal with that issue. No hot water can be a real pain in the butt when you desperately need a shower!

Heated RV water hoses differ from a normal freshwater hose in several ways. Heated hoses are well-insulated and usually offer some sort of electric element or heating cable to heat the hose and prevent the water from freezing and usually need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. They're a bit more heavy-duty but are high-quality and rated for drinking water, which is essential for campers.

If you don't want to buy a heated water hose, you can always DIY and use heat tape or an insulated exterior jacket for your RV hose, though if you are in your RV full time in the winter months, it's probably best to invest in a heated hose.

Another accessory you may also like to consider adding to your RV water setup is a water pressure regulator, which can help ensure that any unexpected high pressure isn't too much for your RV's sensitive system. Water pressure regulators are pretty cheap on Amazon or from other sources and certainly less expensive than paying for any plumbing issues you may have if the water pressure turns out to be too much. Just add these in at the hookup spot, and you're good to go!

Best Heated Hose Options

1. Camco TASTEPure Heated Drinking Water Hose

This Camco TastePure heated hose is one of the highest-rated options on Amazon. In addition to being safe for drinking water (saving you the need for a water filter), this hose is compliant with all federal and state-level Low Lead Laws. It's made with an NSF-61 certified drinking water-safe hose. It operates on a 120V AC with an exterior Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (CFCI) electrical outlet.

While it can prevent freezing in temperatures up to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, they recommend a slow drip from the inside spigot to help prevent a freeze-up. It has a self-regulating thermostat to ensure it is only using power when necessary.

2. Pirit Heated Hose Series IV

The Pirit heated hose is tested down to -42 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a great choice for severely cold climates. It uses 500 watts or 4.5 amps, so it's best plugged into a stable power source in order to ensure it operates correctly. This Pirit hose comes with an 18-month manufacturer's warranty, so if you have any issues you'll be able to return and exchange it for a new one!

It comes with a 10-foot power extension cord to make plugging it in easier. However, some people in reviews said they were having issues with the hose fittings freezing at the connector points, and some people recommended using heat tape around these areas to ensure no parts are freezing.

3. Valterra Heated RV Fresh Water Hose

This Valterra heated RV water hose is a popular option with a lot of RVers. It features heavy-duty insulator cuffs with zippers added at both ends of the hose to provide additional protection from low temperatures, which ensures no parts of the hose are freezing or causing issues. It has an inner diameter of 0.5 inches and keeps a steady flow of water available even in cold weather. This hose also has a self-regulating design that eliminates the need for a thermostat, saving you money and power.