These Top-Rated Heated Cat Houses Will Keep Stray Animals Safe From Rain & Snow

Cats go out of their way to seek warm places to snuggle up. Heated cat houses are a great option for keeping cats cozy, especially stray cats and outdoor cats. Similar to a dog house, heated cat houses are also a great form of shelter to keep cats safe from predators, even if the weather changes. Check out these heated cat houses below!

Best Heated Cat House

1. Toozey Heated Cat House for Winter, Indoor/Outdoor Cat House Weatherproof with Cat Heated Pad

This Toozey heated cat house is not only easy to assemble, but it is also durable and sturdy. This outdoor kitty house includes removable clear door flaps and is perfect for small cats and even dogs.

You won't have to worry about rain, snow, or water damaging the heating pad because this heated cat house is water-resistant. The 30-watt met safety provides a toasty experience, even in cold weather. The 118" extension cord provides extra accessibility if you have limited outlets.

2. FURHOME COLLECTIVE Heated Cat Houses for Indoor and Outdoor Cats, Elevated, Waterproof and Insulated

This heated cat house is purrr-fect for outdoor use. Give your pet cat or neighborhood feral cats the comfort and warmth of a log cabin but without the fire.

I love that this weatherproof outdoor cat house sits two inches above the ground so that your cat gets a warm and dry experience. It also includes a heating pad cover, a chew-proof cord, and a 24-hour timer to save both money and energy.

3. K&H Pet Products Mod Thermo-Kitty Heated Shelter Great for Outdoor Cats

Certain weather conditions can be brutal to outdoor cats. This heated shelter provides safety and warmth for your feline friends. This cat shelter measures 14" x 21" x 13" inches and is super easy to assemble.

This outdoor heated kitty house comes with a heated cat bed and is ideal for garages, porches, and barns. If your cat seems suspicious of this product, try placing food and water next to it.

4. Extreme Consumer Products 2020 New Line Up Collapsible Cozy Cat House

This outdoor cat shelter resembles a little house. It is equipped with a soft heating pad and is perfect for smaller cats. I love that you can pick from a wide variety of colors, including red, green, and even pink.

5. K&H Pet Products Multi-Kitty A-Frame Outdoor Kitty House Cat Shelter Heated or Unheated

This outdoor multi-kitty a-frame house is available in heated and unheated options. This is the perfect warm hideaway spot for barn cats, strays, and even indoor cats. You can fit up to four cats in this shelter!

Your cat can enter and exit through the front and back door, so it is never trapped. The padding is already soft, but for extra comfort, you can add a small pet bed.

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