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Headhunters TV Does a Turkey Hunter's Rendition of this 90s Song and It's Fantastic

Nate Hosie of Headhunters TV combined his musical talent with his passion for turkey hunting to create a new song to get us all ready for the spring.

As if the Sublime song "What I Got" wasn't catchy enough, Nate Hosie is to blame for his track being stuck in my head all weekend.

"I said a longbeard, is what I want!" I mean who doesn't? Turkey season is right around the corner and it's on many hunters' minds. After shed hunting comes to an end, it's only right to focus on the thunder chicken. What better way to get you in the mood than to grab a couple cold ones, make a mix CD of all your favorite outdoor music and add this to your playlist?

Longbeard What I Got

It's no secret that we LOVE Turkey Season! Nate Hosie combined his musical talents with his turkey hunting passion to create an anthem for those of us who can't wait for spring! Give it a listen, a share and we bet you find yourself singing along!

Posted by HeadHunters TV on Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I know, I'm sorry. This will be stuck in your head for quite a while now. The good news is this just means turkey season is almost here.

With turkey hunting right around the corner, be sure to check into Wide Open Spaces for all the turkey hunting strategies and preparation tips you need to be successful this year.

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Headhunters TV Does a Turkey Hunter's Rendition of this 90s Song and It's Fantastic