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Outside and Looking for Music? Here's a 10 Song Playlist Perfect for It

Don't go anywhere this summer without this 10 song playlist perfect for anything outside, in the sun with a cold one.

For most people, the summer is full of Friday nights, barbecues, boats and sunshine. You work hard all week to enjoy your weekend and let's face it, some songs just describe your every mood and feeling.

This weekend, you get to be the DJ and trust me, everyone loves a good DJ. There is something to be said about soaking up the sun, hanging with your friends and having a good select playlist of music to pass the time.

Below are 10 songs perfect for whatever it is you are doing outside this weekend.

1. Jason Aldean: Lights Come On

The man of Friday nights, Jason Aldean, comes out with his new summer hit, Lights Come On. It's about clocking out, dancing and singing which is what you are headed for this weekend if you open with this one.

2. Luke Bryan: Huntin', Fishin', Lovin' Everyday

If you haven't heard this hit yet you may be living under a rock. Luke wrote this song out on his Kick The Dust Up tour and it's all about family, the water and lovin' everything there is to love about the outdoors.

3. Jake Owen: American Country Love Song

Who doesn't love a good summertime country love song? Jake Owen has you covered this summer. It's that pick-up truck driving, girl by your side, watching the sunset and stars kinda feeling, why not set the mood?

4. LOCASH: I Love This Life

It's summertime, so put away the bad moods and get ready for the weekend. You have a lot to be happy for, let LOCASH tell you the important things in life and why you should love it as it is. Remember, the grass isn't always greener on the other side, sometimes you just need to take the time to water your own lawn.

5. Dierks Bentley: Somewhere On A Beach

Then, there's always the breakup songs. But let's not dwell in the moment, let's get somewhere on a beach, find someone new and have fun. You get one life to live, don't let someone bring you down. Most importantly, don't let them ruin your entire summer, you know you're awesome, we know you're awesome, so go BE awesome!

6. Justin Timberlake & Chris Stapleton: Drink You Away (CMT Awards 2015)

Watching this live was one of the most exciting things I've ever experienced in my years of watching the CMT Awards. This is originally a Justin Timberlake song off The 20/20 Experience album, but there's nothing like adding Chris Stapleton to your song. If you have a heartbreak, this is your medicine and summer jam for sure.

7. Blake Shelton: Straight Outta Cold Beer

This will be your Sunday, end of weekend tune that helps describe just how sure you are that you are NOT leaving until the last beer is gone. Blake Shelton drops this new track to make sure you finish what you started this weekend!

8. Jennifer Nettles: Drunk in Heels

Ok ladies, we weren't being sexist here with the male heavy list we just know what it's like to work a long hard week and how to let loose and have a cold one. Oh, well, Jennifer Nettles knows a thing or two about that and she's not saying she's better than the male counterpart, but hey, when women get drunk, they do it in heels! Crack open one ladies, you deserved it this week.

9.Twenty One Pilots: Ride

It may not make the "country barbecue" playlist, but hey when life is getting too fast, sometimes we need to slow down. Take your time on your ride called life and slow things down this weekend and enjoy it.

10. Cole Swindell: You Should Be Here

The weekends are about family, friends and good times. As time continues on, the gathering numbers begin to dwindle as many pass and move on to be with God. Let's not forget all those who are there and who are not there this weekend and cheers one on up to them.

For hour long mixes for your weekend party be sure to check out some of my last year full live recording country music mixes for free.

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Outside and Looking for Music? Here's a 10 Song Playlist Perfect for It