fish skull shrimp
Photo by: Backwater Fly Fishing

HD Fly Tying with the Fish Skull Shrimp and Cray Tails

Here is a great example of how the Fish Skull Shrimp and Cray tails can add a hint of realism, and make your fly come alive!

If you are an avid fly tyer then you know how often we use weighted eyes on our flies. Bead chain and different types of dumbbell style eyes have been used for a long time to help get the fly down to the bottom or allow it to ride with the hook point up. Well, the Fish Skull Shrimp and Cray Tails are a great way to accomplish both while giving you fly a fresh new look!

Here is an HD fly tying video that I put together using this product. This video is Part 2 of a larger HD bonefish fly tying series that we are doing. Click here to see Part One!

If you didn't catch all the materials we used, here is a quick rundown of the ingredients.

  • Hook: #4 Daiichi 2546
  • Homemade UV Eyes
  • Rubber Silli Legs
  • Medium, Orange Cactus Chenille
  • EP Craft Fur Brush
  • Fish Skull Shrimp and Cray Tail
  • Danville Flat Wax Nylon Thread

While the chance of this product increasing your chances at a fish of a lifetime is slim, it will certainly give you confidence that your fly looks pretty 'fly' while it is waiting on Mr. Bonefish to come pick it up.

I hope this video has blessed you in your fly tying endeavors. Be sure to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel to follow along as we continue this series of bonefish flies. 

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