Hannah Barron
YouTube: Hannah Barron

Hannah Barron Wrestles 45-Pound Blue Catfish in Early Season Noodling Adventure

Hannah Barron's first catfish of the year is a good one.

Spring is in full swing and the first signs of summer are starting to show around much of the country. One sure sign that warmer weather is finally here is when YouTube noodling guru Hannah Barron uploads her first catch of the season.

She is looking for her first blue catfish of the season with her father in today's video. The waters are cold, and the blues are a little cranky after the long winter. That is not going to stop Hannah and her dad from getting into the water and sticking their arms into some catfish holes.

It does not take long for Hannah to get tangled up wit ha 45-pound blue cat that is not happy about being grabbed, but it is not going to get away once she grabs onto it!

This is classic Hannah Barron here. She was not satisfied with just one fish. She goes back in for seconds after wrestling that 45-pounder over to the boat. Despite their lazy appearance, people often forget just how strong catfish are. They never give up without a fight!

Obviously, noodling is not a style of fishing for everyone. You will get wet and dirty diving into the murky waters to reach your hand into hidden catfish lairs. Cuts, scratches, and bruises are all part of the experience. Note how Hannah's dad's arm was bleeding after his catch.

And all of that is before even considering all the hidden hazards that might be lurking under that dirty water. This fish looked like it was half Hannah's size, but she still wrestled it to the shore with ease, even with her hand hurting. If this is the start of her season, we are looking forward to seeing what Hannah, her family and friends, boat as temperatures warm and they start getting into larger fish!

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