YouTube: Hamish & Kyloe

"Hamish The Hugging Steer" Loves Cowboy Snuggles

We've heard of cat hugs, dog hugs, and bunny snuggles. But what about steer snuggles? Meet Hamish the hugging steer. 

In the Blue Ridge Mountains lives a man and his steer, who have as close of a relationship as most people do with their dogs. The beautiful Scottish Highland steer Hamish lives with Marc Stewart, owner of Thistle Do Farm. For his large size, Hamish is incredibly gentle and loves to snuggle and be close to his owner.

Hugs All-Around

In this adorable video, Stewart brushes Hamish's long hair while the steer rests his head on Stewart's shoulder. You can hear Stewart ask Hamish if he needs a pillow. The steer contently continues to rest his chin on Stewarts' shoulder.

Hamish is so happy, he even starts to drool like a dog or cat does when they are completely content being brushed.

Hamish's Home

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Thistle Do Farm is home to Hamish and Kyloe, another Scottish Hyland steer. While it may be a long way from their native Scotland the two steers are completely happy on the 15-acre animal sanctuary.

Traditionally, Highland cattle were used for meat and for milk. The Scottish Highland cow was traded at a rate of around 150,000 cows per year in the late 1700s to early 1800s, but the trade dwindled at the end of the 19th century.

Now, Hamish and Kyloe's main functions are to give a cuddle or two and have good days out on the farm eating grass and having fun.

Thistle Do Farm: A Place for Huggers

Thistle Do Farm is open to those who wish to come to visit the cows in an environment that provides a safer experience for the cows and visitors alike. The farm has a GoFundMe account in the hopes that they can fundraise enough to expand the farm's capabilities for farm animal rescue.

On the page, Stewart says, "Our mission is to provide a life sanctuary for farm animals who may be injured, sick, or like Kyloe was, simple born small and sickly.

So far, the farm has seen an outpouring of support, even through the pandemic. Stewart writes about how amazing he feels all the outpouring of love for his farm and the animals is, even with so much else going on in people's lives, and says the experience is "humbling." He says through the donors they have made a brand new friend with a cancer diagnosis and had a close friend whose child has autism, yet they spent hours to bring the farm a tractor.

Stewart will expand the farm's capabilities to protect many more animals and hopes to bring a smile to more people's faces through their YouTube channel and Facebook page.

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