Chucky Or Granny? Killer Halloween Costume Ideas For Fido

Searching for the perfect Halloween pet costumes? Here's some that are rockin' it! 

Social media is full of ideas for pet costumes. There are costumes for small dogs, large dogs, and everything in between. Some of the cutest Halloween costumes can even be DIY. Let's not forget about our furry felines. There are some pretty adorable cat costumes out there if Felix is particularly tolerant. (If not, you can always go for a Halloween bandana or collar) From Disney-inspired to star wars themed costumes, your furry friend will be the talk of the block when it comes time to trick or treat.

Here are some social media cuties in a Halloween pet costume round-up to give you and your pup ideas so you can win the Halloween party.

Rockin' Halloween Pet Costume Round-Up

If you're stuck between dc comics and marvel or don't know if Fido will be a cuter Darth Vader of Ghostbuster, this round-up of adorable pups may help you out.

Batman and More!


Ollie the Samoyed hopped on the costume sharing trend and showed his followers his numerous past costumes.  This doggie has been batman, superman, a cowboy rider, donned a monster hoodie, dressed as superman, and even donned jail dog clothes. Which one is your favorite?

Not A Sidekick.


This cute dog is not one to be a sidekick. He is definitely the main event in his batman costume. He has earned his bat wings. Though it makes me think he would rock the spider dog costume too!

Spooky Best Dog Costume


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If you want to make childhood nightmares come true, but with a cute face, this getup would definitely do the trick. Who knew they had Chucky Halloween costumes for dogs? No one could possibly be scared of Sammy in this funny dog costume.

UPS Delivery Driver Costume


Who can resist dressing their pup up like everyone's favorite delivery driver? Daisy's parents nailed it with her adorable costume. Just imagine this cute pooch coming to bring you your Amazon package. Too cute!!

Granny Pet Costume!!


If you want to be a little more unique with your best friend's costume, you can dress them up as a granny for Halloween. Lady is rocking this costume. This would also be a great puppy costume or cat Halloween costume. Though, I want to know how her dog parents get her to wear the headpiece!

While these pups in the Halloween pet costume round-up look fabulous, there are many others that can be worn on the big day. Dress your pup as a hot dog, in a spider costume, a cupcake, or don a Winnie the Pooh puppy costume. If you have a furry pup, they can have a lion mane or dress as a teddy bear! Puppies look adorable as latte's, and there is always baby Yoda!

What are you dressing your pup as for Halloween? Tell us on our Wide Open Pets Instagram or use #WideOpenPets for a chance to be featured! 

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