This Guy's 'Dance of 8 Duck Calls' is Gut-Busting Hilarious

Duck calls are serious business. But you'll be hard-pressed not to crack a smile when this guy does a dance with eight. 

We don't know Tim Grounds but boy do we sure like him. And after you watch this video, you'll understand why. Our Facebook hunting buddy posted the following clip to his page June 20, demonstrating what he calls 'the good 'ole duck dance.' As the kids of today would say, his moves are on point.

Using a harmonica frame, Grounds works two attached duck calls with his mouth while simultaneously working six old-school shaker calls with his hands. Collectively, they make a pretty sweet sound. (Ok, Grounds does look a bit like an overenthusiastic aircraft marshal, guiding in planes on the runway, but hey, who are we to judge!)

Here's the funny video, which just might have some merit out in the field:

Who's ready to give this a try? We think in the right situation, this 'style' of calling would most certainly work.

Now if only they had a duck calling category on Dancing With The Stars.

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