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Is This Guy at a Gun Range or in Heaven? You Tell Us

Line 'em up and let 'em rip!

This is what they call a good time at the gun range. There's nothing like lining up a slew of high-powered guns, picking up each in quick succession, and blasting off hundreds of rounds in the process. (And who doesn't love that sweet 'rat-a-tat-tat' sound? Music to a gun lover's ears!)

Ok, we admit, there's a lot of wasted ammo being used in this clip, but if you had the money to burn, wouldn't you be all over this? That's what we thought.

Let 'em rip, buddy:

Why reload when you can pick up someone else's gun. #CODthoughts VC Arizona Armory

Posted by FourGuysGuns on Monday, May 15, 2017

So who wants to take a stab at identifying each of those guns? (Insert Final Jeopardy music...)

We do have two lingering question: did he hit his mark with any of those shots and how much fun was it when it came time to reload?!

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Is This Guy at a Gun Range or in Heaven? You Tell Us