safe and smart with their guns

Gun Owners Need to Have These 10 Traits to Be Safe and Smart with Their Guns

Gun owners are held to a higher standard than non-gun owners.

These are the traits they must have to be safe and smart with their guns.

10. They adhere strictly to the gun safety rules.

There are no and, ifs or buts about this. Don't be that guy who gets kicked off the range for being unsafe. The rules are there for everyone's protection, and we hold them close and expect other shooters to do the same.

9. They follow all laws.

Gun owners are law-abiding citizens and not the unlawful desperadoes that the anti-gun agenda would have many believe they are.

8. They understand the Second Amendment of the Constitution as our guarantee to stay armed and free. 

Folks, the founding fathers of our great country knew it was imperative to be armed to live in a truly free society. Unarmed citizens are but pawns of the elite.

7. They are are proud Americans, and they are proud to be the original Homeland Security.

Gun owners, especially concealed carrying citizens are responsible for stopping armed thugs on a regular basis. When the cops are miles away, you might find yourself saved by a gun-owning citizen.

6. They are historians who keep history alive.

Great historians who are firearms enthusiasts keep gun history alive, along with history itself. Without that interest in historical firearms, much history would be lost.

5. They know there are many forces that seek to disarm them.

Armed with this knowledge, the educated gun owner elects politicians according to how they regard the Constitution. Many belong to pro-gun groups such as the NRA, as they realize there is strength in numbers when it comes to protecting their rights to keep and bear arms.

4. They are teachers of hunting and gun handling.

Without instructors the knowledge of safe gun handling and how to use them for protection and hunting would be lost forever. We are the teachers of the next generation. Let's make sure we do it right.

3. They stand tall. 

A feeling of safety is with us. We know we can protect ourselves if the need arises. Predators of the two-legged and four-legged kind are not feared by gun owners. They are addressed with firepower if they choose to attack.

2. They respect their weapons and the weapons and property of others. 

Guns are used for hunting, target shooting and self defense. Gun owners know the power of their weapons and respect what they can do. That power they have is not taken lightly.

1. They respect life. 

A deep respect for hunted animals is attained with each day afield. Those who carry concealed weapons should be vigilant and ready to help preserve and protect human life, even at personal cost.