What Do Those Guinea Pig Noises Mean?

Guinea pigs are one of our fave small pets. I wish my dog could talk to me so why wouldn't I want a guinea pig to communicate with my family? HappyCavy.com has a wonderful article about guinea pig noises so we referred to the experts to determine what each of these sounds means. Warning: these sounds are adorable!

What is your guinea pig actually trying to say? Here are 6 common guinea pig noises you need to know before bringing one home.

1. Wheeking

This is the most common cavy noise. When a guinea 'wheeks' it will make a long, and often loud squeaking sound, sometimes moving its ears up and down to accompany it. How cute is this? 

2. Purring

This is just like our chickens! When they purr they are typically happy. Try petting your guinea pig and you'll hear that purr.

3. Chutting

It sounds like a mumble! 

"A guinea pig will often 'chut' away happily while they are out and about exploring. It is very much a contented and happy noise, and it will sound like they are just chatting away to themselves."

4. Rumbling

A rumble and a purr sound a lot alike so listen to both carefully. Observe the behaviors with each sound. This is typically accompanied by the 'mating dance'.

The Spruce Pets shares that a guinea pig rumble is deeper than a purring noise.

"It is made when a male romances a female and sometimes females in season also make it. Often accompanied by a sort of "mating dance," rumbling is also sometimes called "motorboating" or "rumble strutting".

5. Shrieking


This is a loud high-pitched shrieking noise! If you want to play this video, do it without your dog in the room. your guinea pig will not make this noise unless there is a good reason so you need to examine him as he may be in pain.

6. Teeth Chattering

A guinea pig that is unhappy or annoyed will make this noise. Your guinea pig wants to be left alone when he makes this noise so a cage-mate may be bothering him.

Do you have toys for your guinea pigs? Some cat toys make great guinea pig toys! Consider getting a playpen for your guinea pig. A playpen gives them a designated area for fun, especially when you let them out of their cage for a bit. Now that you know the noises you'll know they'll happy!

Pet owners should be familiar with these common guinea pig sounds combined with body language. The squeaks, chirping, squeals all mean something very specific!

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