You May Not Be Holding Your Guinea Pig Correctly

This is how you safely hold a guinea pig.

Have you ever tried to catch a cute little wiggly piggly? If so, then you know that a guinea pig is a squirmy little creature — averaging two to four pounds — and they can race around their cages and habitat quickly. Learning how to safely pick these small animals, and carry him/her is very important for their safety and sense of security. Teaching young children about safe guinea pig handling is especially important.

Guinea pigs are prey animals, and their delicate bones are very small and light. Being light is deceptive; you might think they're easy to carry, but the small pets wiggle and squirm, and having a good, gentle grip, is very important. If you don't pick a guinea pig up correctly, it could get very badly hurt. So how do you pick one up? You place one hand under it's middle, and then support its hind legs with your other hand. When a guinea pig feels safe, it will be happiest.

Child holds Guinea pig in animals farm.

They do not like to have their feet dangling. If their feet are dangling, their legs can easily catch on something and get hurt. You want your guinea pig to feel safe while you hold them, because they tend to be shy, and you want him/her to trust you. Always hold your guinea pig with two hands.

If you are going to walk with your guinea pig, pick him or her up and then place him/her against your body. Make sure you minimize any sudden movements. Most guinea pigs will happily snuggle with you as you walk slowly, and carefully, to your destination while holding your little friend in place.

Guinea pigs like to cuddle and are very social animals.  If you sit down in a quiet place away from loud noises and place your guinea pig on your lap, he or she will likely climb up you to sit on your shoulder or curl up next to your neck — an enjoyable time for all, especially if they're fed treats of apples and turnip greens.

Now that you know about handling your guinea pig the right way, you and your friend can enjoy these cuddle sessions safely.

Looking for a new guinea pig? Check your local shelters before going to the pet store!

Have you been picking up and carrying your guinea pig correctly? Does your guinea pig give you a hard time catching him/her? Tell us below. 

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