2018 Goals: Great New Year's Resolutions for Pet Lovers and Owners

2018 is here, will you be putting one of these New Year's Resolutions for pet lovers and owners to use? 

We're in the first few days of 2018, and now is the perfect time to make your New Year's Resolution, if you haven't done so already.

Stuck on that perfect resolution to focus on this year? Don't worry - we've come up with some great New Year's Resolutions for pet owners.

Learn More About Your Pet's Health


We love our pets and want to do the very best for them. That's why we should learn everything that we can about our pet's health.

Do you know what foods are good and bad for your pet? Do you know how much exercise your pet should be getting, and whether he or she is at an ideal weight? What about strategies to combat boredom for your pet when you're not around?

There is always more to learn, so pick up a good book, check out some of the articles on Wide Open Pets, and even give your veterinarian a call to learn more about your pet's health.

Try Something Completely New


New year, new you, right? The same can be said for your pet. Why don't you and your pet try out something new? If you have a dog, give canine agility a try. Have a horse? Try out a different discipline.

Trying something new gives you a chance to bond with your pet while having a great time.

Give Your Pet More Exercise


Chances are, your pet may benefit from more exercise. Many pets deal with obesity because of our relatively sedentary lifestyle and the temptations of over-feeding.

If your pet could use more exercise, make a point of scheduling exercise sessions into your day. Play with your cat, take your dog for more walks, and plan a long trail ride with your horse.



Set aside some time to volunteer for a pet-related cause this year. Animal shelters are always in need of volunteers, and you may find yourself caring for pets, helping with office work, and even staffing public events.

Don't forget that your pet may be able to get in on the volunteering, too. If your pet has an excellent temperament and enjoys people, he or she may be able to visit nursing homes and hospitals, providing therapy and stress relief for patients.

Spend More Time with Your Pet


It's easy to get caught up in your hectic schedule, and we may spend less time with our pets than is ideal. This year, resolve to spend more time with your pet. Turn off the TV and walk away from the computer, and give your pet some quality, one-on-one attention. Your pet will be delighted.

Now that you have some ideas, what will your New Year's Resolutions be for 2018?

Tell us in the comments below.

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