GRAPHIC: Treble Hook Lodged in Tournament Angler's Hand Causes Excruciating Pain

Even a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work, until you sink a treble hook into your hand.

Jason Christie is a very popular and well known professional fisherman. He has took part in countless tournaments, but this is one he soon won't forget.

On his last cast of the day, Christie sunk a treble hook right into his palm and the day went south in a hurry. The worst part was the barb was stuck into the skin below his thumb. So in order to remove the hook, they would have to push the barb the rest of the way through and puncture the skin on the way out.

Then they had to snip the barb to get the hook fully removed. Not for the weak stomach, so watch if you dare.

Painful just doesn't do it justice and I can't even begin to think of how bad that might hurt. Christie goes on to say that he cut one of his fingers off in the past, and that the hook removal far exceeded that pain.

I think his facial expression was enough to get an idea.

He's just lucky it was only one of the three hooks and not all of them.

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