GRAPHIC: Python Swallows a Deer in Southern Florida

It's nothing for a python to be seen swallowing an animal. But when the animal is a deer that's bigger than the python itself, it's a sight to see.

That's exactly what happened in Collier County, Florida. The Conservancy of Southwest Florida reported a Burmese Python swallowing a whitetail fawn whole.

Python swallows deer

Conservancy of Southwest Florida

Miami CBS Local first shared the story after catching the news. Conservancy of Southwest Florida, a company that handles pythons on a regular basis posted the following on their Facebook page:

"This observation is another important piece of evidence for the negative impact invasive Burmese pythons are having on native wildlife across the Greater Everglades Ecosystem" said Ian Bartoszek, Conservancy of Southwest Florida wildlife biologist. "Imagine the potential consequences to the state and federally protected Florida panther if Burmese pythons adversely affect the number of white-tailed deer, a panther's primary prey."

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The python was 31.5 pounds and the deer was 35 pounds. Yes, that means the deer was 111 percent of the python's mass. Officials believe this could be the largest predator-to-prey ratio ever documented for the Burmese python, and possibly for any species of python.

This is quite the find to say the least!

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